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Earlier this May, the Intersect Illinois team was excited to share in the synergy of CLEANPOWER 2024, the annual event by American Clean Power that draws some of the field’s brightest minds together industry leaders, engineers, investors, and policymakers, to start  

Intersect Illinois at CLEANPOWER 2024

Intersect Illinois at CLEANPOWER 2024 (Minneapolis, May 6-9)

A Quick Look Back 

The show, held in Minneapolis, offered a comprehensive look at the technologies, strategies, and legislation driving the future of clean energy. Our team shared insights into Illinois’ recent plays to lead the charge. Top of mind for many: wind and solar power, storage solutions, and the broader transition to a sustainable energy economy. As the question, “what’s next?” arose, it’s clear that Illinois is poised to be a leader in clean power for decades to come.  

Why Illinois for Clean Energy Companies? 

Engaging with the landscape’s thought leaders and stakeholders at CLEANPOWER this year, we were deeply encouraged; Illinois offers immediate and robust solutions to clean energy’s most important demands, both current and future. Illinois advantages include:  

1. Prime Location  

Illinois geographical advantage is unmatched, domestically and globally. Positioned at the heart of the U.S., the state offers excellent logistics essential for manufacturing, distributing, and implementing clean energy initiatives. Our extensive network of rail, road, port, and air (including one of the world’s most-connected airports, Chicago O’Hare!) facilitates efficient operations and lowers transportation costs.  

2. Supportive Infrastructure  

With significant investments in grid modernization and renewable energy projects, Illinois’ commitment to a sustainable future is undeniable. In fact, Illinois is the first state in the Midwest to set an aggressive clean energy goal to reach 100% renewable energy by 2050.  

3. Compelling Incentives  

Illinois offers a range of tax-based incentives for clean energy businesses, in clear alignment with our sustainable future goals. Designed to reduce the costs of technological innovation and business expansion, our offerings make Illinois an economically attractive state for established and emerging companies alike.  

4. Talented Workforce  

Home to world-class universities, community colleges, and research institutions, Illinois’ talent pipeline is well-resourced, well-educated, and prepared to enter the field of green energy and technology. As innovative leaders already know, a skilled and ready workforce is vital for companies to thrive.  

Attending CLEANPOWER this year not only reinforced the importance of renewable energy for economic growth, but also underscored Illinois’ role in shaping its future. As we continue to cultivate a supportive environment for clean energy organizations, their partners, and their consumers, we invite industry leaders to explore all that Illinois can offer for long-term, sustainable success.  

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