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Illinois provides one of the nation’s most connected transportation, distribution and logistics (TDL) hubs. From major retailers, to third party logistics companies, to technology companies, Illinois has become the epicenter of this flourishing industry due to its thriving community, talented workforce and unmatched infrastructure.

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Transportation & Logistics


The state is home to more than 20,500 TDL companies, employing more than 331,000 people and contributing nearly $39 billion in economic output. Logistics leaders including United Parcel Services, Capstone Logistics and United Airlines are joined by logistics technology startups such as Loadsmart and project44 in Illinois because the state provides the workforce, infrastructure and support needed for growth.


More than 82,000 students complete programs applicable to work in TDL in Illinois each year and the state is home to the 5th largest TDL talent pipeline in the nation. In addition, Illinois’ community colleges graduate more than 2,700 people each year with certificates catered to TDL career opportunities, producing the workforce that this growing industry needs.


Illinois’ status as a top destination for transportation and logistics is fueled by its tremendous infrastructure. The state’s Rebuild Illinois capital program allocates $33.2B directly to transportation infrastructure. In Illinois you can reach 83% of the continental U.S. within a two-day truck drive. Chicago’s O’Hare is ranked the most connected airport in the world. It's the only state with all seven Class one railroads and home to the largest inland port in North America. The state’s connectivity makes it the clear choice for delivering goods to consumers nationwide and beyond.


Notable Illinois Businesses

Notable Illinois Businesses

A few of the largest TDL employers in Illinois are Amazon, UPS, Capstone Logistics, and United Airlines. 

Key Data

  • 331,709 people employed in TDL at 20,502 companies
  • $38.6 billion in economic output
  • 26% higher job concentration than the national average (7th in nation; Chicago MSA is the 2nd largest TDL workforce cluster in the nation)
  • 4th in U.S. for number of transportation and warehousing establishments
  • Chicago has the most TDL firms in the U.S., including 24 of the top 25 third party logistics providers
  • New and expanding transportation & warehousing businesses created 40,000 jobs in 2020 in Illinois, 4th most in the nation

Transportation & Logistics