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2023-2024 Guide: 5 Keys To Finding the Best Talent

The most critical part of any business is its people. That truth resonates with particular significance amid today’s red-hot talent market that is making it more challenging than ever to attract and retain workers. Discover how location can meet critical workforce needs.

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Illinois Investment Guide 2023-24

The 2023-24 Illinois Investment Guide comes amidst a thriving Illinois economy topping a $1 trillion GDP, unparalleled fiscal progress with eight credit upgrades in less than two years and more state incentives available for job creators than ever before. Here's why there is no better place to grow your business than here.

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Invest in Illinois: A Home To Japanese Business

Japan is Illinois’ #1 foreign investor by number of locations. There's a reason so many Japanese companies call Illinois home.

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Priorities when choosing a future-ready location for your food business

Many factors rapidly reshape agribusiness and the food we eat. The impacts of the pandemic, climate change, inflation and political unrest touch virtually every corner of the global food system. Further, consumers increasingly push for a healthier, more sustainable food system.

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Transportation, Distribution & Logistics in Illinois

Illinois is a TDL hub with unbeatable connectivity and world-class logistics and distribution resources. The state’s infrastructure allows companies to move people and products efficiently and effectively via air, rail, road or water.

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Life Sciences in Illinois

Illinois is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing & distribution and industrial bioscience. The state offers a world-class life sciences community at a fraction of the cost.

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Information Technology in Illinois

The birthplace of inventions including the cell phone and first web browser, Illinois is where ideas become patents, businesses and life-changing technologies. Companies in Illinois benefit from an ecosystem of like-minded innovators.

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Energy/EV in Illinois

Building on its long, successful history in auto manufacturing, innovation and logistics, Illinois is at the forefront of the EV revolution and on the path to achieve 100% clean energy.

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