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Photo Credit: Belleville Boot

The U.S. Army recently awarded Illinois-based Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Co. (branded Belleville Boot Co.) a two-year contract to supply more than 56,000 pairs of boots. The fourth largest employer in St. Clair County, the storied shoe and boot manufacturer underscores the state’s reputation for high-quality manufacturing prowess.

Founded in 1904, Belleville Shoe is the oldest manufacturer of boots for the U.S. military still in operation. The company first produced military footwear for World War I in 1914. A fifth-generation family-owned company, Belleville Boot supplies the largest selection of certified flight boots to the U.S. military, and develops specialized styles across all military branches, law enforcement and public safety agencies.

“Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Co. welcomes the opportunity to once again serve the men and women of the U.S. Army in providing the essential Army Temperate Weather Combat Boot,” said Mark Ferguson, President of the Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Company regarding the recent contract.

In a recent Belleville News-Democrat story, Eric Schauster, assistant director of economic development, planning and zoning for the City of Belleville, explained the importance of the company to Belle Valley Industrial Park.

“It helps our employment rate, and it also helps with Belleville’s diversity in terms of what’s available here,” he said. “We’re not just an industrial hub. We’re not just a retail center. We’re not just a bedroom community. We’ve got all of those things, [and that] helps us get through some of those tougher times, when you have a downturn in the economy.”

Belleville is one of many manufacturers that has benefited from being in Illinois, with its history of innovation, skilled workforce, and a centralized location with easy access to the entire U.S. market.

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