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America’s “Quantum Prairie” Isn’t in San Francisco

Team Illinois is heading to the West Coast to tell the brightest minds in photonics, laser technology, and quantum science why Illinois is a premier location for the industry at SPIE Photonics West. The conference brings together top researchers, scientists, engineers, and buyers with potential suppliers, while educating the community about new technical possibilities for our rapidly changing world.

Although people often think of the Silicon Valley for innovation and technological advancement, there sits a burgeoning hub for progressive technology and quantum in an unlikely place: Illinois.

The Illinois Edge in Tech and Quantum

Illinois, known for its rich history of innovation (the cell phone, the wireless remote, and the first-ever web browser were born here!), as well as its strategic location for business growth, is rapidly emerging as a frontrunner in the tech and quantum sectors.

Here’s what makes Illinois stand out:

  1. Thriving Tech Environment

Home to world-class research and development institutions, Illinois cultivates technological advancement and innovation like no other. Not only do these institutions push the boundaries of research, but they also foster a collaborative ecosystem where business and higher learning converge.

  1. Unparalleled Quantum Community

Aside from emerging as a key player in the technology sector, our state is quickly becoming the nation’s capital for quantum research and innovation, earning Illinois its “Quantum Prairie” title. The University of Illinois Research Park, Fermilab, and Argonne National Laboratory are just three of five nationally funded quantum facilities, attracting top scientists, researchers, and students from across the globe.

  1. Strategic Location for Business Growth

Illinois’ central location, in the heart of the United States, offers unmatched logistical advantages. With a robust transportation network comprising air, rail, and water, companies throughout Illinois enjoy easy access to both domestic and international markets.

  1. Supportive Business Environment

Our state’s commitment to innovation is evident throughout our business-friendly policies, financial incentives, and investments in our infrastructure. Illinois provides a nurturing environment for tech startups and established companies alike, especially due to our incredible pool of tech talent.

Intersect Illinois at SPIE Photonics West  

Intersect Illinois will join the SPIE gathering of minds, representing a state that is fast becoming a central location for technological breakthroughs and business opportunities in these fields.

As the tech and quantum sectors continue evolving, Illinois is perfectly positioned to do more than just keep pace; we are leading the charge, and events such as SPIE are the perfect opportunity to discover why Illinois is right for business growth.

Whether looking to relocate or have an expansion on the horizon, Illinois has the resources, talent, and environment to support business success for the long-term.

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