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EV Industry Day: Supercharging the Midwest Electric Vehicle Supply Chain

Team Illinois to Host EV Industry Day 2024

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technological novelty and environmental sustainability — and at a critical time in our planet’s history. As the world eagerly shifts toward cleaner energy solutions, Illinois is emerging as a pivotal hub for EV companies and their partners in innovation.

With its strategic investments in infrastructure, compelling tax-based incentives, and a top-ranking talent pool, Illinois is where EV companies discover their business potential.  

Illinois’ Strategic Investments in EV

The State recognizes the significance of alternative energy solutions for a sustainable future, and its commitment is evident: Illinois plans to add 1,000 new fast-charging stations by the end of 2024 after landing nearly $15 million in federal grants to expand the grid. (That’s especially good news, considering Illinois’ EV chargers are the busiest in the nation!)  

Plus, Illinois residents are ready for EVs; sales in Illinois grew over 60% from 2022 to 2023, compared to just 50% nationally over the same period. Here, EV companies have the necessary foundation to excel, from ready workers to ready buyers.   

Illinois’ Prime Location for Accessibility and Growth 

Perfectly positioned in the heart of America, Illinois offers unparalleled access to domestic and global markets alike. Its central location, coupled with an extensive network of highways and railways (all 6 Class 1 railroads, in fact), provides EV companies a strategic advantage in travel and distribution, making it an ideal location for employees, partners, manufacturers, and suppliers.  

Illinois’ Skilled Workforce and Educational Resources 

Home to world-renowned universities and research institutions, Illinois boasts a highly skilled talent pool adept in both engineering and technology, and credentialed in green energy.  

The state’s talent is further cultivated with funded programming and initiatives to stay several steps ahead of the curve. These programs are paying off; Site Selection magazine recently named Illinois #1 in the region for workforce development.  

Illinois’ Tax-Based Incentives and Supportive Business Environment

Tax-based incentives for EV companies abound in Illinois, as part of the State’s investment in a sustainable future (the state has an aggressive timetable to reach 100% renewable energy by 2050, the first in the Midwest).  

These programs, along with friendly state policies, underscore Illinois’ commitment to being a leader in clean energy — and to bringing leaders in clean energy together.  

Illinois’ Collaborative Community of Innovators

Illinois is home to a vibrant community of EV companies, startups, and manufacturers, creating a collaborative ecosystem unlike any other. This community is strengthened by events like the upcoming EV Industry Day 2024, providing a platform for networking, learning, and driving the industry progressively forward.  

Industry Day: 2024 Illinois EV Industry Day Manufacturing Conference & Matchmaking

With vested interest, Illinois is the perfect place for companies to lead the way in EV. Companies such as Lion Electric have chosen Illinois for growth for a combination of reasons. Nicolas Brunet, president, Lion Electric, explains how the state’s clean energy commitment is one reason that propelled the company’s decision to choose Illinois: 

As EV Industry Day approaches, Intersect Illinois invites companies to explore all that the state has to offer for both expanding and relocating EV businesses.  

Curious to know more about EV Industry Day or Illinois for your EV business? Get in touch with us.