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By Dennis Grubaugh

A state economic development association that has spent months studying Southwestern Illinois concludes the area is ripe for growth.

Intersect Illinois is focused on bringing new businesses, jobs and investment to the state by collaborating with industry, academic, civic, and government partners to deliver a unified approach.

Representatives focused intently this past month on Metro East. They accompanied local officials and outside business consultants on a “familiarization tour” of sites to see what’s already being done to attract companies.

Intersect’s challenge is the same as every community’s — and each of the 50 states. That is, overcoming obstacles — including sometimes misleading perceptions — that block economic development.

CEO Dan Seals, who came aboard last September, said Intersect is the only organization in the state whose mission is to attract new jobs and investment to the entire state. “Our strategy has been to lean in to attracting new business rather than waiting for business to come to us,” Seals said. Continue Reading

Originally published in the July 2022, Vol. 21, No. 11 issue of the Illinois Business Journal.