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In the heart of America, Illinois pioneers agricultural advancement and technological innovation, bridging two worlds for the betterment of humanity and progress in sustainability.

As Intersect Illinois gears up to attend a pivotal pair of agribusiness conferences — the University of Illinois Research Park AgTech Summit (right here in our very own Champaign, Illinois!) and the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, — Illinois isn’t just participating in the global agtech revolution, but is surely leading the charge.

UI Research Park AgTech Summit 2024 (March 5 in Urbana-Champaign, IL)

We’re thrilled to be part of the upcoming University of Illinois Research Park AgTech Summit, representing a state that ranks #1 in private food manufacturing R&D, #2 for food-related patents, and boasts the largest number of food processing workers in the Midwest. As a proud sponsor of this year’s summit, we’re excited to announce that our CEO, Dan Seals, will be among the event’s speaker lineup.

We invite you to join us this year, as we explore the latest in agtech innovation, sustainable practices, and the future of farming. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to connect with industry leaders and discover why Illinois is at the forefront of agriculture, from our talented workforce to incredible tax-based incentives.

Don’t miss this highly anticipated event. Register now (and hurry, because March is right around the corner)!

Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference 2024 (March 13-15 in Washington, DC)

Following the AgTech Summit in Champaign, the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference promises an experience like no other, complete with exciting opportunities to network with industry leaders and agtech peers.

With a strong foundation in agriculture and innovation, Illinois is at the helm of sustainable bioeconomy solutions. We’ll be in attendance to rub elbows with potential partners (like you!); glean insights around the latest advancements in biotech, biomanufacturing, and green energy; and share more about how Illinois’ research institutions, business-friendly policies, and commitment to sustainability are driving progress in the bioeconomy sector.

Catch our team in DC for ABLC 2024!

Illinois + Agribusiness: The Perfect Pair

Illinois stands as a leader in agricultural innovation, providing excellent resources for companies at the cross-section of farming and technology. Here’s why:

  • Strategic location: Seated in the middle of America, Illinois offers unmatched logistical advantages, providing easy access to local and international markets of goods, services, and people.
  • Exceptional workforce: Ranked #1 in the region for workforce development, Illinois’ pool of 4 million talented individuals is key for any company to succeed.
  • Robust R&D: Home to leading institutions like the University of Illinois, our state cultivates minds and skills prime for agtech innovation and research.
  • Rich agricultural history: Illinois is the #1 exporter of soybeans, #2 exporter of feed grains, and #2 in corn production across the country. In 2023, Crunchbase named Illinois top-5 in the U.S. for agriculture and agtech startups, recognizing the depth of our history in this industry.
  • Inimitable infrastructure: Illinois is home to five international airports, all seven Class 1 railroads, the third largest interstate system in the country, and the third largest inland port in the world, providing unmatched efficiency and ease for however your business likes to move.
Connect With Us at an Upcoming Agribusiness Event

Whether you’re looking to relocate or have an expansion on the horizon, Illinois has the resources, talent, and environment to support business success for the long-term.

Will you or someone you know be at the AgTech Summit or the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference this year? Let’s connect! We’d love to share more about what we do, and what we can do for you.

Not attending either of the above events, but still interested in learning more about how growing your business in Illinois can benefit your company? Contact us today.