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Located in the heart of the U.S., Illinois is a unique global business destination that has all of the attributes companies need to succeed. The state offers unmatched talent throughout a diverse array of industries, along with world-class infrastructure that allows companies to move their people and products quickly and efficiently via air, rail, road and water.


Intersect Illinois is the only statewide economic development organization focused on bringing new businesses, jobs, and investment to Illinois. We help companies navigate the site selection process by providing data, location assistance, connections and more.

Intersect Illinois

About Our Vetted Sites

Vetted Sites are identified by Intersect Illinois as the top sites in Illinois based on eight site characteristics: acreage, utilities, logistics, permitting and entitlement, workforce, ownership, local and state incentives, and environmental & topographic conditions.

The Vetted Sites program provides site and infrastructure data for fast-moving projects, while also helping properties and communities understand opportunities for improvement that would prepare them for additional growth. The program provides ample site data, so companies can make location decisions as quickly and accurately as possible.

Top Site Advantages
  • Proximity to experienced and available workforce
  • Logistical Access to interstate highway, rail, and river
  • Heavy gas and water capabilities
  • Located within enterprise zone, TIF, and underserved area
  • Single owner
Top Site Advantages
  • Attainment Area
  • Located in Foreign Trade Zone
  • Free of floodplain issues
  • Proximity to Peoria, Pekin, and Havana Intermodal Facilities
  • Large acreage, semi-rectangular contiguous site
Top Site Advantages
  • Large pool of available and skilled workforce drawing from St. Louis MSA, Jacksonville, and Springfield regions
  • Borders KCS Rail with option for rail spur
  • Enterprise Zone, Foreign Trade Zone
  • High water compacity-supply from Mississippi River and Illinois River deep water wells
  • 1,400 acres of contiguous land
Top Site Advantages
  • Single owner
  • Located in Enterprise Zone
  • Free of floodplain issues, wetlands, and protected/endangered species
  • Near interstate and intermodal facilities
  • Community allows phased and expedited permitting
Top Site Advantages
  • Chicago MSA, in attainment area with rail access (CSX)
  • All utilities on site
  • Free of floodplain issues, wetlands, and protected/
    endangered species
  • Current zoning industrial (M1 and M2 manufacturing)
  • 142 acres to the west and 147 acres to the east (under different ownerships)
Top Site Advantages
  • Dual Rail on Site
  • In a Foreign Trade Zone (31)
  • Located in Enterprise Zone and Federal Opportunity Zone
  • Free of floodplains and wetlands
  • Option to expand to 50-75 additional acres
Top Site Advantages
  • Single owner
  • Logistical proximity to Chicago, international airports, rail, and intermodal facilities
  • High power capability
  • Enterprise Zone
  • Close proximity to a large skilled labor force
Top Site Advantages
  • Zoned for heavy industrial
  • Single owner
  • In attainment area for air quality
  • Rail on site (CSX)
  • Bulk barge loading and unloading capability on site and immediately across the river
Top Site Advantages
  • Option to expand an additional 1,000 acres
  • Single owner
  • Located in TIF Zone and Underserved Area
  • Capability to have rail on site
  • High power capability
Top Site Advantages
  • Chicago MSA, in attainment area
  • Rail access (CSX)
  • Single ownership
  • Free of floodplain issues, wetlands, and protected/endangered species
  • Current zoning industrial
Top Site Advantages
  • Dual rail (NS & UP)
  • Free of floodplain issues, wetlands, and protected/endangered species
  • Current zoning industrial
  • Potential to expand to 3,000 acres
  • Can serve high energy users
Top Site Advantages
  • Within 1 hour drive time to Chicago, Midway International Airport
  • Rail spur on site
  • All utilities on/nearby site
  • Free of floodplain issues, wetlands, protected/endangered species and historical artifacts
  • Additional 5,000+ acres to the east
Top Site Advantages
  • All utilities on site
  • Dual rail site
  • Additional 500 acres for expansion
  • Zoned for industrial (I-3 Heavy Industrial); Boyle parcel is zoned agricultural (65 acres)
  • No wetlands or endangered species on site
Top Site Advantages
  • Zoned industrial
  • Rail spur by Norfolk Southern
  • Access to barge on site
  • Site is besides I-180 and highways 71 & 26
  • 2 hours from Chicago, in attainment area

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