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Located in the heart of the U.S., Illinois is a unique global business destination that has all of the attributes companies need to succeed. The state offers unmatched talent throughout a diverse array of industries, along with world-class infrastructure that allows companies to move their people and products quickly and efficiently via air, rail, road and water.


Intersect Illinois is the only statewide economic development organization focused on bringing new businesses, jobs, and investment to Illinois. We help companies navigate the site selection process by providing data, location assistance, connections and more.

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Growing Canadian Business in Illinois

The opportunities for Canadian businesses to expand in the U.S. are vast and promising, but where should Canadian companies looking to grow start?

With a $1 trillion economy (18th in the world), world-class infrastructure, a diverse and skilled workforce, a world-class higher education system, and forward-thinking policies to set businesses up for long-term success, Illinois has all the right elements to help Canadian businesses grow.

For businesses looking to expand, Intersect Illinois provides a dedicated support team to help with everything from choosing the right site to connecting companies with the needed resources. In an era when speed matters, our tools, such as a database of vetted sites, enable us to expedite the process and help companies in industries from manufacturing, to IT, to transportation and logistics, to get up and running quickly.

Watch this video to see why Illinois is your clear choice.

Resources for Canadian Businesses

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